Research Shows 80% of Schools Are Giving Students Access to
Educational Technology at Home

Logging in from Home Encourages Learning Out of Classroom and During School Breaks

DALLAS (July 31, 2012) — Archipelago Learning, a PLATO Learning company, found 80% of schools are giving students access to its educational technology, Study Island, from home. The results from Archipelago’s Study Island 2011 year-end customer survey also reported two-thirds of schools consider giving students access to learning technology from home as a “high-impact” consideration in determining what solutions to purchase.

As summer homework raises the question of whether schools should work to prevent “brain drain”, schools and districts are countering by putting solutions in place to give students the option, and potentially the desire, to keep learning outside of the classroom.

“We’re seeing schools provide access to tools like Study Island so students can practice with engaging content when they are not in school,” said Andy Frost, PLATO vice president, product management. “Kids, who are already spending time online when they’re out of school, can continue to practice and reinforce academic concepts through the same channels they’re seeking entertainment and connecting socially. Additionally, educators can easily monitor what’s been completed during these ‘off’ months.”

Compared to other options available to educators such as print-based materials and software, Study Island is easy to implement and only requires an Internet connection. Students have 24/7 access to dynamic and animated content built from state and Common Core Standards.

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