Gothenburg, Sweden, August 6, 2012- Greatest news of the day is that the highly advanced tool Exchange Recovery have been updated to version 4.1 and brings the added advantage of perfect EDB mailbox recovery to Exchange server that was not activated in earlier versions. The provision to export recovered Exchange mailbox to Exchange server serves the user need to get data directly available in the server without further complications. The option to convert EDB to PST is also active and the added option to convert selected EDB helps user to preview entire data and select only needed folders to convert to PST to export to Exchange server.
The Added Advantages with the Exchange Recovery version 4.1 can be listed as:

• Along with Exchange EDB 2 PST Software get provision to export EDB to Exchange server

• Selected folder export option help to decide which folder should be exported

• Data can be previewed with entire details that are recovered prior to export and save option

• EDB to PST conversion faster than ever without data alteration, not only speed but also perfection is been increased with the upgraded version 4.1

Convert EDB to PST option is still live with the data conversion program along with the new option of EDB recovery to Exchange server, which gives dual benefit of downloading one single Exchange EDB repair tool. EDB PST conversion will be the choice applicable when data is corrupted and server is not available live, so that user can carry on communication process in the new platform effortlessly. EDB 2 PST software gives the freedom to select needed folder for EDB PST conversion or for EDB to Exchange server conversion.

About the developments with the EDB to PST tool, the words of company head can be reported as, “We are now under the period of software quality uplift process to meet the user demands and also to make every product in our software kitty, the apt solutions to get successful result. Latest EDB 2 PST software updated to higher version is the Exchange Recovery and it comes with random qualities that bring many profits for the users. The main feature that is been added in the EDB to PST tool is the option to export recovered EDB mailbox to Exchange server and this facility helps user to carry out the recovery of data directly to the server, if server runs live. Selected folder export also is beneficiary for user in terms of time saved, data managed and effort minimized. Al together we can say that the entire qualities of the software product that is been added is one extreme opportunity for user to experience advance Exchange EDB mailbox recovery.”

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