School furniture innovator Smith System introduces its newly redesigned website at, enabling visitors to view and assess school furniture solutions based on their individual perspectives. An unconventional way to evaluate classroom furniture online, Smith System’s new website exchanges the common, linear catalog approach for an exploratory format that allows teachers, administrators, architects and designers to see and sort furniture according to their unique requirements, and view it in the context of a room design.

“The new was inspired by years of observing how end users and recommenders look for and select furniture. For example, a teacher might seek furniture that supports a particular learning style, a designer could be working on requirements for mobility or accessibility, or an architect might be outfitting a computer lab,” says Bill Risdall, vice president of marketing for Smith System. “The new website puts visitors in control of the furniture evaluation experience, enabling them to discover the right products to solve problems, and fostering an understanding of how furniture can work as a system in a wide variety of design layouts.”

Visitors to the new website can search for and sort all of Smith System’s products using any combination of attributes in four categories:
• The Learning Dynamics category organizes products based on how the furniture contributes to the learning environment – from collaborative learning or knowledge transfer, to social learning and independent study.
• The Design Principles category groups products by specific qualities in the furniture itself, including mobility, easy adjustability, ergonomics, high durability, or adaptability to changing learning environments.
• The School Setting category arranges products based on the physical environment that the furniture will occupy, enabling visitors to sort furniture by classroom, library, computer lab, café/lounge spaces, and more.
• The Furniture Types category sorts products by specific product groupings, such as tables, seating, carts, shelving, or storage.

As visitors narrow their selections, they can view the resulting products as an index of furniture items, in designs that show that furniture in a room setting, or grouped by the Smith System product lines such as UXL™, Acrobat™ or Flavors™. Visitors can also contact Smith System to create a custom furniture design layout based on a sketch, photo or room description.

“Smith System furniture is more than a table or chair; all pieces are designed to work together, playing an active role in the learning process,” says Risdall. “The new not only helps end users discover the right furniture for their needs, it provides a complete picture of how furniture solutions create effective and harmonious learning environments for today’s students and educators.”

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About Smith System
Founded in 1905, Smith System ( has helped American education evolve by being ready with the right furniture at the right time. An industry leader in school furniture innovation, Smith System is committed to developing products that support the optimum learning environments — addressing the needs of the student, the demands of the curriculum and the realities of space, maintenance and budget.


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