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Saint Paul, MN, August 7, 2012 – Early Learning Labs, Inc., a nationwide provider of early childhood products and services, announced the debut of their new online reporting tools for the myIGDIs assessment measures. These web-based services allow teachers and parents to quickly evaluate children’s development status to help ensure they are reaching important achievement standards and school readiness goals.

As a complete system for managing and charting child performance data, the new myIGDIs online reporting tools enable users to screen for developmental delays, measure effectiveness of instructional changes, and form data-driven decisions that align with long-term RTI & early literacy goals and outcomes. Unlike standardized tests that are administered infrequently, myIGDIs are designed to be used repeatedly to estimate each child’s “rate of growth” over the course of time. myIGDIs offers educators the benefit of making data-driven decisions regarding intervention design and implementation considering reasonable levels of training, time and cost

“The new online reporting and data management services for myIGDIs provide educators with important decisions-making tools for assessing young children,” said Steven Johnson, Early Learning Labs President. “Now parents, teachers, and administrators can more easily analyze their children’s progress and communicate developmental trends using data.”

myIGDIs goes beyond assessment by offering its users the ability to create comprehensive progress reports for individual students as well as district-wide data management. Using these reports, districts are able to compare achievement with age-sensitive benchmarks and RTI-oriented analytics.

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About myIGDIs

myIGDIs, pronounced “my-ig-deez” (and previously referred to as Get it Got it Go!), are a set of early literacy indicators based on over a decade of research that allow early childhood educators and parents to monitor the growth and development of their young children. myIGDIs are currently the only CBM-like measures of early literacy and have been used in over 11,000+ school settings.

About Early Learning Labs, Inc.

Early Learning Labs grew out of decades of research at the University of Minnesota. Early Learning Labs provides research-based solutions for assessing the development of young children. Formed through the collective creations of multiple decades of expertise, Early Learning Labs is dedicated to helping early childhood educators identify children at-risk of poor learning outcomes early and communicate development goals often.

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