1. Integrate technology into every single classroom.

2. Lead change by giving teachers time for professional learning and collaboration.

3. Engage students daily with technology, including games, simulations, and social media.

4. Fully integrate technology into the daily curriculum across all core subjects.

5. Conduct frequent student assessments online.

6. Provide each student with a computing device with internet access whenever possible.

7. Excite students with virtual field trips.

8. Encourage students to use search engines daily.

9. Support principals to lead change through training of best practices in technology-transformed learning.

“We know that technology alone is not enough,” said Intel Education Strategist Paige Johnson. “Schools need access to the valuable research on what works so that it can help guide the implementation of their technology platform’s deployment. The Project RED initiative gives districts a professional learning community to study best known methods and adapt the approached for their local needs.”

To learn more about Project RED or to join the community, go to http://www.ProjectRED.org or eMail info@ProjectRED.org.

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