Are kids all that techno-smart? Maybe not

Programs like Microsoft’s Imagine Cup grants program, which challenges kids worldwide to solve problems with technology, are meant to further the company’s stated goal of ensuring that everyone can realize their potential.

In a similar effort, Microsoft recently hosted an ongoing series of events around the world called Innovate 4 Good, to discuss how youth are using technology and how Microsoft can innovate with them. Badshah admits that technology is not the only solution to reach that potential, but it is an increasingly important part.

“I travel around the world and go to the remotest of locations. The fact that people get access to technology in itself becomes a huge impact for the community for a whole,” says Badshah. “It is, in some ways, turning on the light.”

He notes that relatively few kids go into computer science in America, but he emphasizes that gaining knowledge in technology is important in obtaining jobs—as well as creating businesses in almost all fields, not just computer science.

“We see this tremendous amount of energy in young people to innovate using technology,” he says. “We want to continue to ensure that this group of people is not just sitting on a pyramid. That kind of energy needs to continue to transcend as far down to the bottom of the pyramid as possible, so that everybody can use that technology in the most inspiring way.”

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