How to protect your social network accounts from hackers

If you haven’t read about Wired reporter Mat Honan’s ordeal at the hands of malicious hackers, take some time and read it now, PC World reports. (I’ll wait.) His story about how a passel of juvenile hackers managed to get into his Apple account and wipe all the data off his iPhone, iPad, and Mac– as well as hijack his Google, Twitter, and Amazon accounts – should be required reading for anyone who uses those services, and especially those of us who’ve blithely linked our social media accounts together using the same eMail address. Honan didn’t do anything to tick those hackers off. He was targeted simply because they coveted his @mat Twitter handle. Which means that the same thing could happen to you or me just as easily, and we wouldn’t know we’d been jobbed until far too late…

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Laura Ascione

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