Project Green AV and TCO Development again join forces to present the second webinar in the Green AV University Series for audiovisual professionals. The one hour complimentary webinar, Structure Sustainable AV: How Guidelines, Standards and Programs Empower AV Pros, will be held Tuesday, August 21, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. EDT. The webinar educates audiovisual professionals in all sectors of the industry on how to understand and apply guidelines, standards and programs and empowers Green AV professionals to create smarter, more successful Green AV innovations.
Webinar content covers products, installations, performance and end of life management, as well as sustainable guidelines, standards and programs that together build the structure for successful, sustainable AV.
Hosted by Project Green AV Director Gina Sansivero, webinar speakers include Annika Overödder, Business Area Manager Headsets and Projectors, at TCO Development; Elizabeth Eames from Project Green AV and featured presenter Christopher Maione, President of Christopher Maione Associates and InfoComm Energy Management Standards Committee Member.
Visit Project Green AV at or to register for the informational event, open to all audiovisual professionals.
The August 21st webinar is the second in the Green AV University series of comprehensive, expert reviews of best practices for the practical application of sustainable AV for the audiovisual industry co-presented by Project Green AV and TCO Development.
Project Green AV is the comprehensive industry resource for Green information & ideas for the Audio Visual industry. Project Green AV is committed to bringing together AV industry colleagues to learn about, discuss and teach environmentally responsible and cost-effective solutions for AV purchases, installation, new technology and projects. For more information about Project Green AV, contact Gina Sansivero: or 516-901-8542.

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