Ten things teachers, students should expect this year

What do most public teachers and students across the nation have to look forward to as they head back for the 2012-13 school year? Asks Boston educator Larry Myatt, a convener with The Forum for Education and Democracy, the co-founder of the Education Resources Consortium and a former National Faculty Member of The Coalition of Essential Schools.

* Yet another “common core”. (What’s wrong with the dozens, if not hundreds, that states, curriculum and cultural organizations have already
constructed over the past decades? Is it the lists or what we do/don’t do with them that make us need a “latest version”?)

* Lots more testing, costing us hundreds of millions of dollars to implement even in times of budget scarcity. (Have you been in or around a school when testing is taking place? Stress. Anxiety. A brink’s truck worth of secrecy and security passing as education. By the way, our new generation of school leaders and teachers has grown up on standardized testing.)

* The administration of President Obama saying that those tests don’t give a full picture of the quality of learning.

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