Tech-Savvy Sunnyside School District Selects Conceptua® Math

Petaluma, CA, August 20, 2012 —Conceptua Math today announced that Tucson, Arizona’s Sunnyside Unified School District will implement Conceptua Fractions curriculum in all of its 13 elementary schools and five middle schools beginning in the 2012 -2013 school year.
The Sunnyside District serves more than 17,000 preK–12 students with an 88% Hispanic population. Under the leadership of award-winning, visionary superintendent Dr. Manuel L. Isquierdo, Sunnyside is committed to transforming teaching and learning through the use of technology and best-of-breed digital curriculum. Prior to the digital curriculum initiative, Sunnyside has received state and national acclaim for its work improving graduation rates through a program called Project Graduation. Sunnyside has also been recognized as a Project RED (revolutionizing education) success story. The Sunnyside implementation of Conceptua Math includes unlimited product licenses at each school site as well as on-going professional development and implementation support to deliver on the promise of improved teacher effectiveness and increased capacity within the district.
Dr. Isquierdo is leading the Sunnyside District in a strong focus on math. He says, “Conceptua’s math curriculum gives us a great opportunity to take our vision of digital learning to a whole new level of rigor, relevancy and real-life applications with math.”

Conceptua Fractions is a robust digital math program for grades 3–8 with a curriculum that is based on the Common Core State Standards including the Standards for Mathematical Practice. This breakthrough program uses a wealth of visual models to develop students’ thinking as it progresses from concrete to abstract representations. Designed specifically to Keep Teachers in the Equation™, the program includes ‘openers’ for teachers to introduce concepts and generate fraction ‘number talks,’ guided lessons that students work on independently, and whole group ‘closers’ to ensure that students understand and retain the concepts being taught. Additionally, three levels of student investigations are provided that promote students’ ability to apply their knowledge to real world situations. Embedded assessments and thorough data reporting enable the teacher to monitor student progress.
“We’ve taken the best of today’s technology and put it in the service of education, truly transforming the teaching and learning experience,” says Conceptua Math CEO, Arjan Khalsa. “Fractions are the earliest topic in math where educators agree that students fail and teachers struggle to instruct. The visually rich lessons in Conceptua Fractions increase student proficiency, while the lesson openers and closers improve teacher effectiveness.”

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Conceptua Math, an innovator in digital K–8 math curriculum, was founded by a team of leaders in K-12 educational publishing with a mission to help teachers teach and students learn in a visual, conceptual, and meaningful way. Arjan Khalsa, CEO, and Ed Murphy, CTO, shared leadership roles at IntelliTools, Inc., where they served school districts throughout the United States and broke new ground in visual learning for students with disabilities. Conceptua Math is grounded by scientific research with patent-pending technologies that enable visual and conceptual understanding. Conceptua Math ushers in a new era in which teachers and students use digital, visual manipulatives to master difficult math topics. For more information, please visit or phone 888-768-MATH (6284).

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