Effective communication can be a challenge for many schools and educational institutions. Most families have different and preferred methods of communication. While e-mail may seem easy it is not always ideal for many families who either don’t have computers at home or don’t check e-mail regularly. Print communication, “newsletters” can be costly and can get lost in the mail or clutter. Many schools need a way to get a message to parents, teachers, or students fast and efficiently.

One school shares their story:
“To accommodate all families, we have had to use a multi-pronged approach to our communications strategy. Years ago we instituted family mailboxes for print communications and we recently underwent a major upgrade to our website to cover digital communications, but the piece that eluded us was phone communications. We tried call trees, but they are labor intensive and prone to breakdowns in the delivery chain. We researched phone message services, but they were generally outside our modest budget. One of our teachers found At first I was leery because the service was considerably less expensive than other call services and I didn’t understand why. Since we were able to buy our first calls in small blocks, we jumped in to experiment. We have been completely blown away by how efficiently, effectively and affordably we’ve been able to communicate with our parents, teachers and students with Call-Em-All’s automated phone messaging service”, Tracy Conyers, Pacifica Community Charter Schools.

Call-Em-All can be used for the following:
School cancelation / delay notification
Emergency notification
Schedule changes
Substitute teacher requests
Absence / tardy parental notification
PTA/PTO meeting reminders or changes
Voting / referendum reminder

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