State College, Pennsylvania, August 24, 2012 – As thousands of K-12 schools across the country prepare to reopen, Schoolwires is releasing new tools to help parents, teachers and students easily collect and view school information.

The new MyView feature within the Schoolwires Centricity2 content management system functions like a personal portal, letting students, teachers and parents select the information they want to view from district and school websites. MyView is designed to appeal especially to parents, providing an easy way for them to track and view school activities and events for each of their children using a built-in planner and personal dashboard. Gadgets collect and display the requested information, and users can add, change and rearrange the information as often as they like. For example, a parent might include lunch menu and announcement gadgets on their dashboard, while teachers and students might select gadgets that feed from an RSS reader or from Schoolwires Nimbus™ to manage group lists and activities, or subscribe to wall posts, discussion boards, blogs and other instructional content.

My View also includes a ‘Planner’ that makes it easier for users to view and manage school and personal calendars. Parents and others can filter in calendars and events from their choice of district and school websites and add their own personal appointments. Parents and guardians can add a tab for each child and view their individual planners to keep track of the entire family’s school activities.

To help keep busy parents and students connected while on the go, MyView is accessible from mobile devices and smartphones, and customers have the opportunity to match their MyView template to that of their Centricity2 website template.

“MyView is a great tool to help busy families keep track of school activities, announcements and other information that is important to them. Parents especially will find these tools useful for staying on top of their child’s activities so that they can support their child better and participate as fully as they want,” said Christiane Crawford, Chief Executive Officer and President, Schoolwires.

Schoolwires also has refined the user experience in Nimbus, the company’s safe social learning environment. New features designed to increase collaboration include an enhanced text editor that lets group participants attach files, insert links, add photos and share video related to posted topics. A new member activity report allows teachers and administrators to track student engagement and learning activities.

Other new features include an enhanced profanity filter that allows administrators to block or permit use of specific words and phrases, and an SIS connector that links a district’s Student Information System to Nimbus so teachers can automatically update their classroom rosters with the students who are enrolled in their classes and groups.

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Schoolwires, Inc. provides a suite of technology products and related services to more than 1,300 educational entities, including K-12 school districts and schools in the United States and China. The company’s technologies are designed to foster community, student, teacher and parent engagement in the classroom, locally and internationally. Its solutions include an integrated website and content management system, a safe social learning and networking system, and an enterprise technology platform. Schoolwires brings together a district’s essential technologies, information, and content to effectively engage the K-12 community in support of district and student success. The company currently serves an estimated 10 million users and has been recognized as one of the top privately held education companies for the sixth consecutive year by Inc magazine. Schoolwires was incorporated on April 5, 2000 and is headquartered in State College with offices in Beijing, China.
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