Arkansas district knows how to make students engaged and teachers tech-savvy

How have you financed your ed-tech initiatives?

The biggest challenge for school districts is finding the financial resources to maintain a high-quality technology program. We utilize the e-Rate as much as possible and fill the gaps with aggressive grant writing, local funds, and donations from local businesses and industry.

What ed-tech project are you most proud of, and why?

Our Wii entertainment system project is a simple, but effective, project that has continued to engage students in physical education, scenario-based projects, and academic games. With the use of the Wiis, we get 100-percent student engagement while allowing students to enjoy their learning experience.

What have been your biggest ed-tech challenges, and why? How have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge has been finding the time to train teachers and reinforce what they have learned with reliable support. We have overcome these challenges by providing our teachers with paid training for any technology that is implemented and have made every attempt to follow up with training throughout the year. The technology staff has grown to provide quicker response times to any technological issues. We also implemented an online technology support system that is working very well.

What’s your best ed-tech advice for colleagues?

Provide high-quality professional development and follow-up, get and provide feedback, and reevaluate often.

eSchool News Staff

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