Tucson, AZ – Sept 4, 2012

Sometimes it is so hard to part with something whether it is money, an old jacket, a sentimental item, or anything really. It is important for students to learn about philanthropy and the benefits of giving. Learning to give can be so meaningful and to see the results can make an impression that lasts a lifetime. Learning philanthropy in school can be fun and there are some really great projects to work on in groups.

This week’s Joann’s Picks column on the Gateway’s home page, www.TheGateway.org features resources from the Gateway’s collection on Philanthropy. Peggy’s Corner adds several additional unique resources on Philanthropy as well.

In addition, we will also be featuring many more lessons, activities, and resources on Philanthropy on the Gateways’ Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook so you don’t miss anything. Discussions will continue on last week’s theme of Mobile Phones in the Classroom on both pages. All of the weekly Gateway columns and resource selections are archived on the Gateway under the bio of both Joann and Peggy.

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The Gateway to 21st Century Skills (www.thegateway.org) is a semantic web enabled education digital library that contains thousands of educational resources and as one of the oldest digital libraries on the web, it serves educators in 178 countries. Since 1996, educational activities, lesson plans, online projects, and assessment items have been contributed and vetted by over 700 quality organizations. The Gateway is made possible by the generous support of the National Education Association.

About Joann Wasik- Author of Joann’s Picks

Joann is the Metadata Cataloger for The Gateway for 21st Century Skills. Her primary responsibilities for The Gateway include locating and cataloging standards-based K-12 lessons and activities for The Gateway, as well as writing the “Joann’s Picks” weekly column. Before joining The Gateway in 2006, Joann had been involved with numerous projects at the Information Institute of Syracuse at Syracuse University, including virtual reference with the Virtual Reference Desk (VRD) project; virtual reference competencies and education with the
Digital Reference Education Initiative (DREI) project; and metadata cataloging with the Gateway for Educational Materials (GEM). Her previous experience also includes technology training and positions in academic libraries. She also conducts freelance research for business and educational clients. Joann holds B.A. and M.A.T. degrees in English from Boston College, and an M.L.S. degree from Syracuse University.
About Peggy James- Author of Peggy’s Corner

Peggy received her B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from The University of Arizona, and continued on to earn her M.Ed. from the U of A as well. She has taught physical science and chemistry at the high school level. She is working toward her endorsement in Gifted Education, and has been actively involved in coaching and volunteering in Odyssey of the Mind and Academic Decathlon. She has a passion for teaching critical thinking and creativity in the classroom. She has done work writing, evaluating, and aligning lesson plans to standards as a curriculum consultant with the National Education Association Health Information Network. She is very excited to help create a collaborative environment for educators to discover new resources that will enhance their teaching!

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