TIES to Offer Rebate Program to Member Schools Who Purchase YourTeacher’s Algebra 1 and Geometry iBooks Textbooks from Apple’s iBookstore

September 5, 2012 Houston, TX- YourTeacher (www.yourteacher.com), a leading digital publisher of iBooks textbooks for the K-12 market, is thrilled to announce a partnership with TIES (Technology and Information Education Services), a joint cooperative owned by 47 school districts in Minnesota.

TIES is a Minnesota education technology collaborative that brings together technology and education to create comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions for school administrators, educators and students. TIES member districts represent over 500 Minnesota schools with approximately 275,000 students.

For the 2012-13 school year, districts in Minnesota who purchase YourTeacher’s iBooks textbooks from the Apple iBookstore as part of the TIES-YourTeacher program will receive a 10% rebate. This rebate will provide districts with additional savings beyond the already reduced price of YourTeacher’s iBooks textbooks as compared to traditional textbooks. According to Greg Bartley, Co-Director of the Learning and Technology Department at TIES, “We are always looking for innovative products which we can offer to member schools here in Minnesota. As an early leader in iPad adoptions, our member schools are hungry for content to bring out the power of their newly purchased iPads. YourTeacher’s iBooks textbooks with a math teacher built-in are a great way for our member schools to demonstrate the effectiveness of iPad adoption. The fact that they are about half of the price of traditional textbooks is a great benefit as well.”

“TIES is a leader in providing cutting edge technology and software solutions to schools in Minnesota,” states Charlie Hermes, CEO and Co-Founder of YourTeacher. “We are honored that they see the value in our ‘textbook with a teacher inside’ approach and are going to offer rebates to our iBooks textbooks to schools throughout Minnesota. Together, we can truly unlock the power of iPads while saving districts hundreds of thousands of dollars in textbook expenses.”

Find out more about YourTeacher’s iBooks textbooks by visiting Apple’s iBookstore and downloading a sample lesson from YourTeacher’s Algebra 1 or Geometry iBooks textbook. To find out more about TIES rebate program, go to http://www.ties.k12.mn.us/YourTeacher.html

About TIES

TIES is a Minnesota software developer with a history of reliability, stability and state-of-the-art security. TIES integrated student, personal learning, finance, human resources and payroll systems drive decisions through intuitive reports and metric dashboards to optimize school district performance. As the largest education technology trainer in the Midwest, TIES places high value on the integration of technology in the classroom. For over four decades, TIES has proven to be a reliable partner to K-12 educators.

About YourTeacher is a leading digital publisher specializing in middle school, high school and college level math. YourTeacher’s subscription website, YourTeacher.com, together with its extensive line of math apps, have provided hundreds of thousands of students with math tutoring, standardized test prep, and homeschooling. YourTeacher is also revolutionizing the textbook industry with our patent-pending math iBooks featuring a textbook with a teacher inside®. For more information, please visit YourTeacher.com.

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