Glogster EDU, an online education platform, launched an initiative today to unite educators across the globe in pursuit of a common goal: update current education methods to fit the interests of modern-day learners.

On the multilingual initiative-dedicated website,, Glogster EDU outlines its education manifesto and presents a compelling case for change. In students’ spare time, they are eager to use computers and mobile devices to surf the web, play games, download music and movies, and share photos and videos on Facebook. In light of such tech-hungry youth (and the obvious ease with which students adapt to new multimedia tools), why are many schools still relying on mid-century paper-and-pencil methods? If schools want to engage students in the learning process, Glogster EDU argues, then teachers need to speak in their students’ language: online multimedia.

For every educator who joins the initiative, Glogster EDU pledges to donate one subaccount toward a School License, which will be awarded cost-free to a school in need of new technology-based curriculum.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring creative learning to every school in the world,” said co-founder Patrik Prepsl. “To help fulfill this goal, we’re looking for like-minded organizations and media outlets to help spread the word.” For every organization that joins the initiative for educational change, Glogster EDU will donate an additional School License, or up to 1,000 subaccounts,depending on the partner’s contribution. Prepsl encourages educational companies or media distributors interested in becoming a partner to contact Glogster EDU to get involved.

Glogster EDU endeavors to provide a one stop shop for teachers to do just that. The education platform gives teachers and students the ability to create “Glogs,” or online multimedia posters created by combining text, photos, videos, audio clips and animations. The creativity and problem-solving skills involved with creating Glogs, along with school-adapted social media aspects such as commenting and sharing, encourage students to become motivated, confident and self-directed learners. This independent learning philosophy is part of a larger movement toward “flipped learning,” a method in which the traditional classroom structure (in-class lecture, at-home practice) is flipped on its head: students use video and presentation technology to absorb content independently at home, and in-class time is devoted to practicing or applying the material in collaboration with peers.

You can read more about Glogster EDU’s global education initiative and join the cause at

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