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i>clicker, one of the most widely used classroom response systems in higher education, launched its second generation remote, the i>clicker2, an enhanced version of its market leading student response system remote, in the spring of 2011. This year, students and universities across the nation have integrated hundreds of thousands of i>clicker2 remotes into their classrooms for the fall semester, building on the momentum of the previous year.

Specifically, in the last three quarters, i>clicker2 has been adopted by a growing list of esteemed institutions, including University of Missouri-St. Louis, Saint Louis University and Georgia Southern University. These institutions are drawn to the i>clicker2 because of the teaching tools that accompany the response system and because of the diverse feature set of the remote.

“The i>clicker2 is our most feature-rich clicker and we have seen a flurry of adoption of the i>clicker2 as universities research student response systems and act to integrate them into the learning experience,” said Troy Williams, president of Macmillan New Ventures and general manager of i>clicker. “Many of the leading universities that adopted the original i>clicker are now electing to upgrade to the i>clicker2 because of the dynamic set of features built in. As we enter the fall semester, we expect more administrators to follow suit and explore the i>clicker2 for their campuses.”

California State University, East Bay (CSU East Bay) recently deployed the i>clicker2 to its entire freshman class after first adopting the first generation i>clicker in 2008. Freshman students save time and money as a result of the University’s decision to standardize with the i>clicker2 for the entire class and teachers benefit from i>clicker’s free software integration and complimentary instructor materials.

“Cal State is always looking for ways to improve the curriculum and engage with our students,” said Sally Murphy, Director of General Education, CSU East Bay. “By incorporating the i>clicker student response system in our classes and outfitting all our 1500 incoming freshmen with the easy-to-use i>clicker2 remotes, we will be empowering both our teachers and students with the ability to engage in a more effective, interactive learning environment.”

The i>clicker2 features:

*Full numeric and alphanumeric functionality. In addition to the trademark i>clicker simple multiple-choice experience, i>clicker2 includes additional entry types like: True/False, Yes/No, text entry, fill in the blank, ranking, short answer of up to 15 characters, and multiple correct responses.
*LCD display. Students can easily see their response, confirmation of vote receipt, battery life, remote ID, question mode and operating frequency.
*Total control over student entry. The new i>clicker software allows instructors to determine in which “question mode” the students may answer, eliminating possible confusion and loss of valuable class time.
*Simple battery compartment. With only two AAA batteries to replace, keeping i>clicker2 running smoothly is easy.

i>clicker has been adopted at 1100 educational institutions in North America, and is used by over three million students. i>clicker is a product of Macmillan New Ventures, a division of Macmillan.

i>clicker+, the trimmed down third generation remote in the i>clicker family, was just made generally available for purchase on September 4, 2012.

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About i>clicker:

i>clicker was built by educators for educators with the goal of keeping students focused on content, not technology. i>clicker is one of the most widely used classroom response systems in higher education, adopted at more than 1100 educational institutions in North America and used by more than 3 million students. i>clicker has a growing number of customers in K-12 and also serves customers in corporate environments.

Invented in 2003 by four University of Illinois professors, i>clicker’s classroom response system continues to be recognized for its superior reliability, intuitive software, and focus on formative assessment and pedagogy. Together with a team of faculty advisors and reviewers, inventors Tim Stelzer and Mats Selen continue to play lead roles in product development. i>clicker is a product of Macmillan New Ventures, a division of Macmillan.

About Macmillan New Ventures:

Macmillan New Ventures discovers and develops innovative, proven technologies and new products that drive learning outcomes and engagement. Part of global media company Macmillan, the New Ventures division pushes the boundaries of where, when and how learning happens – teacher to student; student to teacher; and peer to peer.

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