Petaluma, CA September 13, 2012 –Conceptua® Math (, the leader in online visually-interactive math curriculum, today announced a major expansion to its breakthrough Conceptua Fractions program. The newest version introduces a unique approach to teaching math – Keep the Teacher in the Equation™. Conceptua Fractions not only helps students master fractions, but it also integrates teacher supports like never before, so that every teacher is effective at teaching fractions.

For years, fractions have been difficult for teachers to teach and for students to learn. With the arrival of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, the time has come for an innovation in mathematics curriculum. Conceptua Fractions, built from the ground up around the Common Core, delivers this breakthrough with a visually rich, data-driven program that is uniquely designed for both teachers and students.

Students build powerful understanding of challenging fraction topics because teachers have research-based instructional supports, in the form of Lesson Openers and Lesson Closers, to teach fractions well. These supports are part of 9 Big Ideas or units comprised of more than 140 carefully designed lesson sequences. Teachers begin each lesson sequence with a Lesson Opener, delivered on an interactive whiteboard or classroom display, to introduce concepts and facilitate ‘number talks’. Following the Lesson Opener, students work independently on computers with Guided Lessons. During the Guided Lessons, students manipulate multiple visual models to progress from concrete – to representational – to abstract as they deepen their personal understanding. Teachers end each lesson sequence with a Lesson Closer where they bring the whole class back together, around the whiteboard, for classroom dialogue and summarization. Embedded assessments, remediation lessons, and data reporting enable teachers and administrators to monitor student progress and differentiate instruction on a daily basis. This process equips all teachers with sound instructional practices that lead to student mastery.

“We at Conceptua Math understand that school technology must be integrated with classroom practice,” says Arjan Khalsa, CEO of Conceptua Math. “With this expansion of Conceptua Fractions, we fulfill a profound responsibility: to give teachers the support they need to be effective. Every teacher can develop a love and mastery of teaching math, and we have an important role in making that a reality.”

About Conceptua Math
Conceptua Math, an innovator in digital K–8 math curriculum, was founded by a team of leaders in K-12 educational publishing with a mission to help teachers teach and students learn in a visual, conceptual, and meaningful way. Arjan Khalsa, CEO, and Edward Murphy, CTO, shared leadership roles at IntelliTools, Inc., where they served school districts throughout the United States and broke new ground in visual learning for students with disabilities. Conceptua Math is grounded by scientific research with patent-pending technologies that enable visual and conceptual understanding. Conceptua Math ushers in a new era in which teachers and students use digital, visual manipulatives to master difficult math topics. For more information, please visit or phone 888-768-MATH (6284).

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