Student creativity celebrated internationally on Sept. 15

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And here’s a video showing what students in Portugal accomplished:

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This year, “folks are celebrating Dot Day as part of math, science, history, and writing classes,” said Maiers. “They are celebrating as part of art classes and school assemblies. An entire community is celebrating with a town-wide challenge to ‘Spot the Dot.’ There’s a hospital in Vietnam that is going to celebrate by providing young patients with art supplies to create their own dots. The possibilities are endless. And Skype is being integrated in all sorts of ways. Some classrooms are doing a joint reading of the book. Others are using the book as a platform for student-to-student conversations and collaborative projects.”

To help educators connect, Skype is helping to host Dot Day with Skype in the Classroom. Maiers said the beauty of Dot Day is that there is no set program or prescribed activity, “there is simply an invitation: Celebrate creativity, courage, and confidence and all that it can bring to what you do. That’s it. What happens on Dot Day, what form each celebration takes, is entirely up to the people involved.”

Organizers also are hoping to expand Dot Day by offering new resources and content. For example, a new website and a cache of new, free resources include an educator’s handbook and Dot Day posters in multiple languages.

Perhaps one of the most significant new developments this year is a deliberate effort to reach out to as many people as possible, letting them know about Dot Day and about the opportunity that opening doors to creativity can bring to everyone.

“It’s so important that people know they have the potential to make a mark, and to make a mark that matters,” explained Maiers. “We can see by the soaring number of participants that the message of International Dot Day resonates—and that it is inspiring people all over the world to take time to celebrate courage, creativity, and the confidence that emerges when someone tells you that the mark you make is valuable and meaningful.”

Maiers said this is the first year she and her Choose2Matter campaign are partnering with FableVision to celebrate Dot Day, because the messages of the two initiatives are similar.

Meris Stansbury

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