News Highlights:
• Competitions motivate students to learn STEM concepts.
• Pitsco’s 2012/2013 Competition Resources catalog guides educators in linking favorite projects and subjects to competitive events.

News Release, September 19, 2012 – Competitive events provide a focus for motivating students to further and apply their knowledge – whether it’s learning about aerodynamics for a TSA dragster or gear ratios for a FIRST® Tech Challenge robot. Pitsco Education’s new 2012/2013 Competition Resources catalog focuses on helping educators find materials and information so they can utilize these competitions to propel student learning.

The 80-page catalog highlights events connected to robotics, structures, dragsters, sustainable energy, aerospace, and physical science. These include SkillsUSA, 4-H, FIRST, The Winston School, Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind, TSA, Junior Solar Sprint, and more. Web links and QR codes help educators connect to events even faster.

“It has been our experience that hands-on, competitive events are an effective way to engage students in STEM learning. We simply want to provide teachers with ideas and with information about organizations that have established, successful competitions,” said Bill Holden, Pitsco catalog product development specialist.

“Competitions, clubs, and organizations enhanced and engaged my students’ long-term commitment to learn and captured their interests more than anything else. Your students will gain new insights into that which you are teaching,” said Pitsco CEO Harvey Dean.

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