How school stakeholders view the presidential election

“Education is vital to our growth as a country, and should not be cut. Romney is more inclined to cut education than to tax the wealthy.”

“I don’t think it is realistic to expect Obama to fix the economy in just four years. Romney’s plans for health care and education appear to put the burden more on the middle class, and I don’t see how that is beneficial to our future students and citizens of this country.”

“Obama is no better than the Republicans on education, but he is far superior on most other issues that matter.”


“We need someone with actual business experience to improve our economy.”

“Considering the Democrats’ strong alliance politically/financially with the teachers unions, there will be no implementation of the changes needed to bring about true revitalization of education in America.”

“I have watched with interest as Obama has had little effect on education in general, and I wonder if the next four years will be any different.”

“The reality is, education is just one piece of the pie—and it will not be until the overall economy is repaired that education can really look for a larger slice.”

“Federal spending must be cut, including education. I work in a [Race to the Top] position and see federal dollars being wasted.”

eSchool News Staff

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