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Monroe, CT September, 25 2012- Empowering Writers, leading provider of K-8 professional development and resources for the instruction of writing is pleased to announce the release of their Essential Guides to Writing for grades 2-5. Stemming from real world experience and developed by veteran classroom teachers, the grade level specific Essential Guides to Writing bring an effective, consistent, fully scaffolded approach to the instruction of writing.

With Common Core State Standards being implemented across the country, expectations of students at younger ages, to write in a variety of genres is the norm. With the seemingly endless expansion of the scope of writing expected, the lingering questions remain; can the same mastery be expected from students in all genres as before? By delivering comprehensive background and lessons in all genres, woven thematically throughout the year, Empowering Writers says yes. Within each month of the essential guides, detailed lesson plans with foundations in all genres are provided for the teacher, laying out very clear objectives to be met.

Co-Founder of Empowering Writers and one of the creators of the Essential Guides to Writing Barbara Mariconda explains, “Our methodology looks at utilizing whole class instruction for introducing a lesson, teacher modeling and guided practice of the explicit skills being taught.” She continues, “Students need to be exposed to many genres of writing in meaningful ways, throughout the school year. This will give them the opportunity to apply skills learned and make the connection between writing and what they are reading. The Essential Guides provide teachers the framework to make this happen.

These books were designed in a way that teachers can digest, and come to rely on. From addressing various standards benchmarks, which state that students need to be exposed to themes that will generate knowledge to improving the ever-important reading-writing connection, the detailed lessons within the Essential Guides to Writing provide the road map to success for each learner. Each guide includes mentor texts, student writing samples as well as literature connections to be shared in class, but teachers have the power to “make it their own” by subbing their own content material into these example lessons.

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Stemming from real world experience, the methodology and techniques behind Empowering Writers have been developed by veteran classroom teachers, Barbara Mariconda and Dea Paoletta Auray while teaching at Mill Hill School in CT. Over a five-year period at Mill Hill, their efforts to bring a consistent, effective approach to the instruction of writing was fine-tuned and perfected. After realizing a 45-point increase in narrative writing scores with their 4th graders, Mariconda and Auray co-founded Empowering Writers, LLC in order to share their high impact methodologies on a larger scale.

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