September 25, 2012, Washington, D.C —GuideK12™ has chosen the BLEgroup to gain valuable insight on product development, pilot program implementation and district trends by leveraging the BLEgroup’s platform. And for this geovisual analytics software company, the BLEgroup can map their road to success through critical industry feedback.

GuideK12 enables education decision-makers to instantly explore and analyze school district data by adding a geographic and visual dimension to their student and community information. Together, GuideK12 and the BLEgroup are bringing this cutting-edge geovisual tool to the forefront of the education marketplace with strategic planning via education panels that offer interaction with the industry’s greatest thought leaders.

“I’ve worked with the BLEgroup over the past decade in a variety of ways, and they’ve been invaluable to my personal education,” states Chuck Amos, CEO of GuideK12. “I recommend the BLEgroup to anyone who’s looking for accelerated market entry without the missteps that can be inherent in the process.”
When a school district wants to reassess enrollment areas for school closings, openings or population shifts, GuideK12 allows for more transparency and better dialog with the community while allowing users to explore and understand the district, student by student, neighborhood by neighborhood. GuideK12 also allows school districts to visually explore and analyze data by location for the purpose of improving learning, forecasting, capacity planning, boundary discussions and optimizing resources. Getting this valuable tool in the right hands, however, requires industry know-how and know-who, two areas in which the BLEgroup excels.

“The BLEgroup provides meaningful conversations with top-level thought leaders so we become more effective at focusing on the bull’s-eye,” Amos explains. “Their panelists help dissect the problem that our product solves, so we’re able to distill valuable information and move forward.”
In his prior work as a consultant, Amos recommended the BLEgroup to all of his clients as the best, quickest way to connect to the right professionals and shorten their buying cycles. Now, GuideK12 continues that involvement, from product development to product feedback, and reports that some of its most significant features resulted from the BLEgroup’s expert panel feedback.

“I’m extremely pleased to work with the BLEgroup for our pilots and early adoption of our products,” Amos says. “They’re extremely valuable and a great service to the industry.”

About GuideK12
As the only Geovisual Analytics company serving the education market, GuideK12 offers a unique, next-gen strategic planning system that tackles boundary analysis, policy changes, resource planning and forecasting for large metro, suburban and rural school districts throughout the United States. Named one of SIIA’s 2012 “10 Most Innovative Education Technology Products”, GuideK12 is owned by private investors and a private investment group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more about GuideK12, visit

About BLEgroup
The BLEgroup is dedicated to the strategic use of technology for improved outcomes and operational efficiency. They provide services to technology firms, education publishers, schools and financial institutions working in the education sector. For more information, visit
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