New Version of JogNog Learning Game Simplifies Quiz Creation

Lynnfield, MA – September 20, 2012 – Determining a student’s level of knowledge of individual curriculum standards is critical for today’s teachers. Knowing which standards have been mastered by each student allows teachers to focus their scarcest resource—teaching time in class—on areas where students require additional assistance. A quick assessment of a student’s strengths and weaknesses also can help teachers to tailor their instruction to the individual needs of each student. This assessment was previously very difficult to achieve.

Now, the latest version of the JogNog learning game enables teachers to create interactive quizzes to test students’ mastery of each curriculum standard. Teachers can choose questions that directly target each standard from a library of 60,000 questions developed by leading educators from across the country. These questions are designed to review material and assess the depth of student understanding. JogNog’s new version makes tracking the performance of individual students possible through formative and summative assessment reports.

Other advancements in this new version include the following:
• A simplified process for teachers to create a JogNog quiz game for each individual curriculum standard in just a single step, instead of three.
• A JogNog completion report that shows teachers how each of their students is performing on each individual standard.
• The ability for students to play JogNog quiz games online, either in a web browser or on mobile devices like iPads, allowing them to continue self-paced, independent study at home or in study hall.
• A feature where teachers can print JogNog quizzes instantly for distribution on paper when digital devices are not readily available in the classroom.

“It is always a challenge to prepare my classes for standardized testing. The process of making sure that each student has mastered each standard is a difficult one—especially when it feels like time is so limited. With JogNog, I can zero in on each curriculum standard and deliver it in a way that makes learning fun for my students,” said Rochelle Cooper, a Massachusetts fifth-grade teacher. “Students actually look forward to the competitions with JogNog, and I can see how they are doing with the automatically generated assessment reports.”

“We’ve heard from teachers that their biggest challenge in covering the curriculum standards that they are held accountable for is a lack of class time. It really isn’t fair to hold teachers accountable for more material than they can cover. One part of the problem is that teachers face a different crop of students each school year and never quite know what the kids already understand and what they still need to learn,” said Stephen Smith, CEO and co-founder of “With JogNog, they can easily create a quiz game for each standard and immediately determine where to spend their precious class time. It relieves the teacher of having to do the detective work and lets them focus on the teaching.”

The JogNog game is available online, as well as in the iTunes store and in the Android market. Both the apps and the website include free content for a wide variety of grade levels and subject areas, along with in-depth quizzes based on state standards that are available at prices starting at 99 cents.

JogNog is always free for teachers to use to create their own quizzes for their students using a library of over 60,000 standards-based multiple-choice questions. A one-minute tutorial on creating a Quick Quiz is available on JogNog’s YouTube channel:

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