Seven free resources for teaching about the election

Pearson is offering free help to teachers and students as the 2012 election approaches. Students can submit their own ideas regarding what they would do if they were president and what it means to be president. Resources include candidate profiles, a digital election book that students can create, an interactive Constitution, and other tools.

Educators who use Pinterest regularly can use any number of Election 2012 resources. Teachers can choose from a video about the history of voting, lessons from the “Government Fairy,” a campaign finance map, Library of Congress resources, and more.

Rand McNally has released “Play the Election,” a free collaborative, online tool that teaches students about the 2012 presidential election and the election process through games, resources, and competition.

Students predict the election winners for each state on an interactive election map, and compare their predictions to those of their class and the country as a whole to see where they rank. The program also includes eleven digital mini-games that delve deeper into influential and battleground states, like Ohio and Florida.

An accompanying online teacher resource center includes lesson plans based on the Common Core Standards, making it easy to integrate the games and activities into the classroom.

Laura Ascione

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