New Site Developed by EducAide Software, Based on More Than 20 Years of Experience Developing Question Banks and Teaching Tools

VALLEJO, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2012 – Today EducAide Software put tens of thousands of high-quality questions for personalizing learning at the fingertips of teachers around the country, for free, with the launch of Problem-Attic. More than an item bank, Problem-Attic allows teachers to find questions by topic, select them individually and format them using Problem-Attic’s online tools to create and output tests, quizzes, worksheets, flash cards, overheads and problem-of-the-day calendars with ease.

“For more than two decades, EducAide has been bridging the gap between instruction and assessment,” said Dan Levin, president and founder. “By developing Problem-Attic, we are contributing to the education community by making a large and growing number of questions available for free to support teachers as they personalize learning for their students.”

Problem-Attic launched with over 45,000 New York State Regents Exam questions. These questions come from 30 years of past exams, covering mathematics, science, social studies and English. They are high quality, challenging and rich with graphics. While they are primarily for high school teachers, many are useful down to sixth or seventh grade, especially in math and science.

In his widely read blog, “Free Technology for Teachers,” Richard Byrne said, “Even though I live and work in Maine, one of my former department chairpersons was a big fan of using old New York Regents exam questions as essay prompts and review activities with his students. In my travels and work with teachers in other parts of the U.S., I’ve talked with other teachers who also like to use old exams for the same purpose. If you like to use old exam questions as review materials, Problem-Attic is a service that you should try.”

Over the weeks and months to come, tens of thousands of new questions – including many that support the new Common Core State Standards – will be added to Problem-Attic.

Initial response to Problem-Attic from educators is enthusiastic, with high praise for the site’s extensive question bank and ease of use. In an email to Problem-Attic, Lisa Meschutt, a middle school science teacher at Oneonta City (N.Y.) School District, said, “Thank you! This site is amazing! I just made up a test in 10 minutes! I’m sharing this with all of my colleagues.”

Echoing Meschutt’s enthusiasm, David Knuffke, a teacher from Deer Park, N.Y., wrote, “Love the program. The notion that you are giving it away is amazing. Great work.”

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About EducAide Software and Problem-Attic
For more than 20 years, EducAide Software has provided schools and districts with high-quality, standards-based materials and a publishing system that goes beyond tests and worksheets. A product of EducAide, Problem-Attic is a large and growing database of proven, well-constructed, high-quality questions, organized by topic, individually selectable and easy to format. With Problem-Attic’s easy-to-use tools, teachers can create personalized learning materials by selecting and formatting questions to create all kinds of documents: tests and quizzes, worksheets, flash cards, overheads and problem-of-day calendars. For more information, visit


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