What would really happen to the economy if Romney fired Big Bird?

Mitt Romney may want to kill Big Bird, but when the giant yellow bird flaps his wings, money comes flying out, the Huffington Post reports. Since Big Bird debuted on television in 1969, the 8-foot tall canary has helped sell toys, stuffed animals, comic books, halloween costumes, t-shirts and USB drives. In short, Big Bird is a job creator. Hear him squawk! Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit that produces the show “Sesame Street,” made $46.9 million in revenue from licensing Big Bird, Elmo, the Cookie Monster and other characters in 2011, according to financial statements. This money helped pay the salaries of 1,320 employees. The former Massachusetts governor cited job creation as his reason for wanting to cut programs like the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), which airs “Sesame Street” in the United States. Slashing certain programs would help pay for tax breaks and stimulate hiring, he said…

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