Massachusetts district’s advice: Focus on learning, not technology

The biggest challenge in integrating new classroom technologies into teaching practices has been time. Teachers have limited “free” time, so finding time to learn and integrate the use of technology is challenging. Teachers need time to explore the technology and redo lesson plans.

I don’t think we’ve overcome the time challenge, so it still exists today. However, to keep the idea of tech integration going, I try not to talk solely about technology, but about curricular goals, and it seems to be working. Technology is less thought of as an “add-on,” and instead is viewed as a means to an end. With the new State Frameworks on our heels, the infusion of technology that is woven throughout the standards will drive this even further. My hope one day is that our conversations never mention the word “technology”—that it just “is.”

Also, all of the “Tech Teams” we have in the district are made up of curriculum leaders, who are not necessarily technology-savvy people, so we can start to build the bridge between technology and curriculum.

What’s your best ed-tech advice for colleagues?

Keep your focus on the students and their learning outcomes, instead of the technology itself.

eSchool News Staff

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