Data: It’s more than test scores

This holistic approach has the power to shift the culture of a school. Teachers no longer operate on an island within the confines of their classroom. Applications that capture a diversity of student data points allow for more collaboration and greater visibility between teachers and strengthen schoolwide culture. Using the same platform also creates consistency among staff, using the same language and normed expectations from classroom to classroom.

The promise of technology’s ability to serve up the right piece of content at the right time to the right student is exciting. But equally powerful is the potential for technology to break to the walls that silo classrooms. In the “gradebook of the future,” information is secure yet portable, making it possible for a teacher, counselor, principal or other school community member to be in touch with how each student is progressing.

The shift to a detailed student learning profile means greater transparency between school and home.

With the right diversity of data, we have the opportunity to redefine student achievement for the 21st century and foster a truly collaborative and performance-driven culture in schools. In a data-driven school, teachers aren’t obsessed with test scores, they’re determined to build a full picture of student performance – and a plan for how to help students do even better, academically and beyond.

Jennifer Medbery is a former teacher and founder and CEO of Kickboard, a schoolwide gradebook platform that supports performance and data driven school culture by helping teachers and school leaders keep track of whole student performance including academic achievement, character development and family engagement.

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