Students soon will be able to take online courses taught by Ivy League professors and—through a unique new partnership forged by Antioch University—earn college credit for their work at a fraction of the normal cost.

Antioch reportedly is the first institution in the country to sign an agreement to offer select massive open online courses for credit through Coursera, a new company that has allowed more than a million people around the world to participate in classes for free. Antioch Midwest in Yellow Springs, Ohio, is expected to begin participating this spring.

“It’s extremely exciting for students,” said Antioch Chancellor Felice Nudelman.

The new partnership will cut the cost of college for students, Nudelman said. It will allow both adults completing their bachelor’s degree and students who are in high school to earn college credit at Antioch for a lower cost—less than $100 for three credit hours in one model, Nudelman said…

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