Greenville, SC – November 2, 2012 – Super Duper Publications has a new addition to its popular and innovative series of Chipper Chat magnetic chip games – Vocabulary Chipper Chat. Aligned with national core curriculum objectives, Vocabulary Chipper Chat helps students become proficient in 12 essential word knowledge areas.

The game, for ages 5 to 12 (grades K-5), has 360 vocabulary cards with specific prompts and activities, 30 each for 12 different vocabulary skills — analogies, associations, attributes, categories, compare & contrast, context clues, figurative language, functions, homonyms, homophones, synonyms & antonyms, and verbs. There are 60 colorful game boards representing the various vocabulary categories, which present countless opportunities for students to practice their word-building skills.

Students love playing the Chipper Chat games because after they place the magnetic chips they have earned on their game boards, they watch the tokens “fly up” to their magnetic “magic wands” as they clear the boards for the next game.

Additional Chipper Chats include WH Questions: Grammar; Phonological Awareness; Auditory Memory; Social Skills; Articulation; and the open-ended Holiday and Seasonal and original Chipper Chat games.

Super Duper offers many versatile mobile apps and materials to fit your classroom and home study needs. Simply type the word “vocabulary” or “chipper chat” in the Super Duper website search box to see all of its fun, engaging vocabulary-based products and the entire Chipper Chat line.

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