While presenting a case study idea to the Orlando Division President of Clear Channel Outdoor, Louis Shain, stumbled upon this brilliant idea. Mr. Shain said “By creating the opportunity for parents to express How Fantastic their Child Is, we create a website where parents can “Brag” about their children’s accomplishments, foster communication, and build self-esteem.”

Louis Shain, will launch a social network site that compliments Facebook and Twitter by giving Parents an avenue to express pride and deliver praise to one of the most precious things in their lives… their children.

MyKIDis implements multiple incentives for users to virally share their “Brags” with the entire world. “We want to improve upon what works, create cutting edge technology, and innovate social networking. We target a smaller niche that has no competitors, but capitalize on a huge segment of the population that competes with large social networks without affecting their market share.”

On Friday, November 9th, Mr. Shain launched the myKIDis Campaign on Indiegogo. It’s a social crowd funding website for contributors worldwide to fund causes they believe in. Most notably, a project was recently funded for Karen the Bus Driver. The goal was to raise $5,000 for her to take a vacation after a viral video emerged of being harassed by a group of middle school students. Over 30,000 Indiegogo Contributors worldwide rallied around the cause raising over $700,000. “They originally had the funding goal of $5,000 for her to take a vacation and because of the inspiring cause – she got early retirement. I believe our project will have just as much impact… if not more,” Shain exclaimed.

Mr. Shain doesn’t only want to be the first social networking site specifically for Parents to Brag about their kids. He wants to be the First Socially RUN Company in the World. My Kid Is’ campaign is offering unique Perks for contributing to the Project. One Perk being, their contributors vote on which Charities they want 10% of the company’s profit donated to.

Anyone worldwide can fund the launch of the myKIDis Project, have the opportunity to play a vital role in the development of the Community, and be a part of the First Socially Run Company that penetrates the multi-billion dollar social networking industry.

Mr. Shain stated that his personal goal each day is to see how many people he can make smile that day. He quickly learned the fastest way to knock out 20-30 smiles was to take his 3 children to school, walk around the campus, and try to make as many kids laugh and smile as possible. In doing so, he realized that the most rewarding and innocent smile to give to someone is a child… hence, the idea was born!

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