One-stop eResource, mackinVIA, to include instant and unlimited access to thousands of name-brand audio books from leading publishers for one low annual price

November 13, 2012- Washington D.C. – Tales2Go Inc., the leading provider of streaming audiobooks for schools, announced today its partnership with Mackin Educational Resources to include the Tales2Go desktop player within mackinVIA, a leading eResource portal for school libraries. Tales2Go on mackinVIA will give multiple users instant and unlimited access to thousands of name-brand audio books from leading publishers using a single school login.

Putting a modern twist on a proven, decades-old reading tool, Tales2Go is reinventing the delivery of audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks exposes students to vocabulary and builds critical listening, fluency and comprehension skills, at all reading levels. In fact, the new Common Core Standards include an entire section on ‘Speaking and Listening,’ making audiobooks a great way to engage learners at all primary grade levels. The Tales2Go library is sourced from leading publishers such as Scholastic and Recorded Books, including award-winning titles such as Clifford and Curious George; 39 Clues and Ivy + Bean; as well as young adult titles and classics such as Bloody Jack, Tom Sawyer and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

“With Tales2Go on mackinVIA, educators have new flexibility in giving students on-demand access to just-right series and titles to listen to in the classroom or at home. Providing educators superior solutions, at the lowest possible price, has always been a driving force of our company,” said Mackin President, Randal Heise. He added, “Tales2Go fits hand-in-glove with our mackinVIA strategy of providing a single-source access point with 24/7 entrance to leading eResources.”

“We are delighted to partner with Mackin, a respected leader in the school library market. Tales2Go on mackinVIA makes accessing and playing name-brand audiobooks – across a large/multi-user school community – easier and more economical,” said William Weil, CEO of Tales2Go. He added, “Competing delivery systems, in contrast, are often priced on a per title or download basis and restrict the number of copies that can be accessed at one time.”

For readers at all levels, and particularly those who struggle with reading skills or visual learning, Tales2Go supplements their education. By example, many current subscribers use Tales2Go in concert with printed text, bringing oral and decoding skills together. In fact, a recent study showed that student achievement increased measurably when a listening component was added to reading instruction.

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