Sioux Falls – Today STEM Fuse, LLC, announces the second semi-annual “Got Game?” Contest. This contest is a natural offshoot of STEM Fuse’s GAME:IT programming courses that were created to inspire middle school and high school students to learn how the individual facets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) come together when developing a video game.
STEM Fuse is a curriculum development company specializing in STEM courses and course content. Each of their courses have been developed by teachers for teachers and may be taught as stand-alone technology electives, CTE courses and/or used to supplement an existing course. The mission of STEM Fuse is to create high quality fully integrated STEM courses and projects that motivate students while making sure the course material is flexible and extremely friendly to a school’s budget.
The goal of “Got Game?” is to motivate aspiring young game developers to create new games, their BEST game. Carter Tatge, President of STEM Fuse said, “There is a reason institutions like MIT, Harvard, Georgia Tech and Stanford have all touted games and game design as a great way to teach and learn. Simply put, games attract and engage students. According to the U.S. Labor Department the United States currently, currently, has 3 million open jobs in STEM careers that employers cannot find appropriately skilled workers for. STEM related job opportunities are expected to grow over 17% in the next decade, far outpacing non-STEM related careers. We need to engage and motivate our students to explore and learn more about science, technology, engineering and math – that’s where the opportunities are and that’s what the United States needs. Game development is an awesome way to ignite student interest and teach these high demand technical skills.”
Prizes will be awarded for the top three games to the student-creator(s) AND their schools! The submission period for the “Got Game?” Competition starts November 14, 2012 and runs through January 11, 2013. For contest rules, please visit
In addition to the individual and school prizes, the winning games will be featured on and used as learning tools in future GAME:IT classes. STEM Fuse will also publicize the winners in a national press release and through their national e-newsletter.
For more information about “Got Game?”, STEM Fuse or GAME:IT visit
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