Cloud 9 Learning announced today that their innovative mobile learning application is now available for Android and Amazon Kindle devices. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Amazon App Store, in addition to iTunes. Cloud 9 Learning’s initial launch in August was in iTunes for iOS tablets and smart phones. The application has similar design and functionality on a wide variety of mobile devices, including Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Samsung Tab, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other devices running either the Android OS or iOS.

“As we see an increase in BYOD policies in school districts across the country, it is our goal to remove accessibility barriers for students and teachers,” said Jeffrey Butler, President and a Director of Cloud 9 Learning. “By optimizing our app for Apple, Android, and Amazon Kindle devices, we ensure that students, teachers, administrators, and parents/guardians are able to access the information they need to learn, teach, and monitor.”

The subscription-based mobile management system provided by Cloud 9 Learning combines content management for K-12 students with the powerful collaboration and communication tools enabled by mobile devices. Unlike other management systems that have added mobile apps to complement their product, Cloud 9 was developed from its inception as a mobile tool, and therefore provides full capability of student and teacher functions on tablets and smart phones. In addition to BYOD environments, Cloud 9 is a highly effective and efficient solution for flipped learning, peer-to-peer collaborative learning, blended learning, and one-to-one initiatives.

Cloud9 Learning is currently recruiting districts for pilots. For more information, watch the brief video at to see how Cloud9 Learning is helping schools fully use their mobile devices as powerful teaching and learning tools.

About Cloud9 Learning
Cloud9 Learning is an Oklahoma Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) formed specifically to develop advanced mLearning solutions for the K-12 marketplace.

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