The Legend of Momotaro is an interactive children’s storybook made exclusively for the Apple iPad and iPad mini by Ghost Hand Games. The storybook features ten beautifully illustrated scenes with hidden secrets that tell the famous Japanese fairytale of Momotaro. It is a heart-warming story of friendship and cooperation among the most unlikely of characters. A true tale for our time!

The Legend of Momotaro is an adaptation of a classic Japanese fairytale.

The famous legend of Momotaro is brought to life with beautiful handcrafted illustrations, animations and narration. Ten panoramic scenes tell the classic Japanese story of an old man and an old woman who’s only wish is to have a child. The gods grant their wish in a most surprising way!

As the story of Momotaro unfolds find the hidden interactive elements in each scene to learn about the Japanese culture and language. Watch and listen as subtle animations, authentic narration and sound tell a story of bravery and friendship.

Your children will spend hours being entertained while learning about the mysteries of ancient Japan!

Great for the iPad mini.

-Beautiful Ultra-Wide Panoramic Scenes
-Hundreds of Original Illustrations
-Animations and Sounds That Bring The Story to Life
-Professionally Narrated
-Read-to-Me or Read-to-Myself
-120 Interactive Elements Hidden Throughout the Story
-Animated Origami Pop-Ups Reveal Rich Interactive Details
-Interactive Language Modules with Native Pronunciation
-Draw Kanji Characters with Your Finger
-Interactive History and Cultural Modules
-Presented as a Traditional Japanese Picture Scroll – Emakimono
-Zoom In to See the Handcrafted Illustrations
-Zoom Out to See the Panoramic Scene in All of Its Beauty

Publisher: Ghost Hand Game, LLC
Producer: Colin Baird
Illustrators: Jason Nemec and Thom Adams
Programmer: Brian Kohn
Sound Editor: John Lens
Story Adaptation: Corey Finkle
Editors: Colin Baird, Jason Nemec, Yuki Togawa
Narrator: Yuko Kishimoto
Sound Engineer: Ray Rettig
Recording Studio: Cotton Hill Studios

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Tel: (518) 225-0927
Fax: (518) 583-0301

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