What if the highest-paid people at school were… the teachers?

Barnett Berry shows a picture of himself from 1979 to a group of Arkansas teachers, says Takepart.com. The educators laugh at the young, bright-eyed teacher, who is now president of the Center for Teacher Equality. He tells them it’s been decades since he’s been in a classroom, but that doesn’t mean he is clueless about what they handle on a daily basis. He also shares where he thinks the teaching profession needs to go.

“There is a difference between those who teach and those who lead,” Berry said during the lecture for Arkansas teachers at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.

He added, “Teachers need to transform teachers.”

The first way to do that? Forget about calling teachers, well, teachers. Berry would rather call them “teacherpreneurs.” He sees them as having additional roles as policy researchers, assessment experts, and community organizers…

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