Fun Deck Apps from Super Duper Inspire Early Learning

Greenville, SC – November 28, 2012 – Super Duper Publications has created three Fun Deck Apps — Compare and Contrast, Let’s Predict, and What’s Being Said? – available for purchase through the iTunes App Store®. Each app includes all of the colorful illustrated images from their Super Duper Fun Deck print versions.

Compare and Contrast Fun Deck App, for ages 5 to 9 (grades K-3), has 52 illustrated picture cards to help children learn about the differences between objects. Each screen presents two items. Audio clips describe the items on the screen: “A train and an airplane” for instance. The child studies the images and listens to the audio prompt. The parent or teacher asks the child to compare the items, contrast the items, or both, and records the responses as correct or incorrect.

Let’s Predict, for ages 4 to 11 (grades PreK-5), includes 56 illustrations depicting various scenarios. Children tap the screen to listen to the audio prompt that describes each scene and asks a question: “The diver finds a treasure chest. What happens next?” Children then study the visual cues in the picture and share their predictions in a verbal response. Parents and teachers can also use this app to encourage conversational speech or for writing prompts.
What’s Being Said?, for ages 5 to 9 (grades K-3), includes 52 illustrated pictures with visual cues and audio to help children figure out what the character or characters in each scene is saying: “What is the rooster saying?” Children give their responses and the parent or teacher determines the correctness of the answer. This is also a great app to use for creative writing prompts or to inspire conversation.

All of these Fun Deck Applications allow parents or teachers to select all cards or just individual cards for children to see, track correct and incorrect responses for up to five children at a time, and email/print children’s results.

Super Duper Publications creates unique, enjoyable, high quality educational materials for children. The Super Duper website offers a wide variety of materials for teachers, therapy professionals, and parents to use with children in a classroom, therapy setting, and at home. .

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