Study: Tech classes correlate with better achievement

• Examine whether out-of-school activities that promote the use of technology impact attendance, grades, and persistence in career pathways.

• Consider whether social connections that emerge from technology coursework influence attendance, grades, and persistence in career pathways.

• Generate data on students’ attitudes toward school and study the relationships of student attitudes with attendance and GPA.

• Explore how school districts promote CTE, and how students and parents learn about technology courses that lead to industry certification.

• Examine students’ prior technology experiences and the relationship of these to course selection.

• Probe students’ use of technology in their other classes and its relationship to their interest in coursework that leads to industry certification.

• Study the perceived and potential barriers to technology coursework among girls, English language learners, and minorities.

Although the report addresses the 2008-09 school year, researchers note that data from Florida’s 2010-11 school year “indicate that industry certifications, in particular, are associated with positive student performance. … This [information] include students in all CTE classes, not just technology-focused courses.”

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