Districts implement LearningStation Insight to meet State Common Assessments, site ease-of-use and customer support

Charlotte, NC December 6, 2012- LearningStation™, a leading provider of customizable K12 student assessment software is thrilled to announce the implementation of its flagship product, LearningStation Insight, in 2 of Michigan’s Intermediate School Districts. Representing 12 school districts, across 4 counties, both Mecosta-Osceola ISD (MOSID) and Bay-Arenac ISD (BAISD) are already seeing and feeling the positive impact of the LearningStation Solution within their districts.

Supporting their member districts with everything from special education to meeting the requirements of state and federal governments, MOISD and BAISD looked to LearningStation as a solution to a number of common challenges. The need for a cloud-based, student assessment solution to wear many hats, while maintaining a user-friendly interface brought MOISD and BAISD to LearningStation, and since implementation, they have seen their districts use it for important tasks; immediately identifying student achievement gaps, responding quickly and appropriately to the individual needs of their students and using Insight to meet the MI State Common Assessment, which is directly tied into their teacher evaluation system.

Karen Roy, Director of General Education for the Mecosta-Osceola ISD comments, “We provide assessments and guidance to 5 school districts and a charter academy, LearningStation’s Insight provides a solution that is robust and easy to use. Creating assessments and the distribution of scoring and reporting is efficient and effective. We could not be more happy with how it is being put into practice.” She continues, “Insight is also playing an integral role in the creation of our Common Assessment, a very important and time consuming process. Beyond the product, we have also found a great partner in LearningStation. Their continued support and attentiveness to our needs has been a big contributor to our overall success thus far.”

Both MOISD and BAISD sited that accurate, valuable and timely student data are high on their respective priority lists, as well as the ability to present that data and put it to use effectively. Insight’s clear, concise reports and ease of use, coupled with their unparalleled customer support, both are seeing extremely positive results, and high engagement within their district offices.

Jim Kirchner, LearningStation CEO adds, “I want to applaud Karen, and her team, along with the team at BAISD for their tireless effort in providing each of their respective districts with relevant, quality solutions. It has been great working with both groups, and are eager to continue working with them. The fact that Insight is being used for the creation of their Common Assessment is a huge feather in our cap.” He continues, “Customer relationships are extremely important to us; we pride ourselves on understanding the goals of our customers and supporting them as they meet those goals. We are excited to build upon our established relationships with both Mecosta-Osceola ISD and Bay-Arenac ISD.”

For more about Mecosta-Osceola ISD and the districts they support, please visit: http://www.moisd.org/

For more about bay-Arenac ISD and the districts they support, please visit: http://www.baisd.net/

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Since 1996, LearningStation has provided the K-12 education marketplace with custom, relevant and easy-to-use resources for assessment, data tracking, item authoring and more. As important as their solutions, customer service and satisfaction is of the utmost priority, and is at the heart of the LearningStation company culture. For more about LearningStation, please visit: www.learningstation.com

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