Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards Fun Sheets from Super Duper

Greenville, SC – December 6, 2012 – Super Duper Publications has released two companion products for its popular Webber Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards series — the reproducible Webber Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards Fun Sheets Level One and Webber Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards Fun Sheets Level Two . These worksheets have hundreds of vocabulary-enhancing activities for students and work well with or without the card sets.

Core Curriculum Fun Sheets Level One, for ages 5 to 9 (grades K-3), and Level Two, for ages 7 to 10 (grades 2-4), are reproducible workbooks with comprehensive language activities to help students learn research-based, core curriculum vocabulary words. Each level has 100 vocabulary words that are essential for students to succeed in their classroom work. The words focus on four main school themes — language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Educators can use the Fun Sheets activities independently or with the Core Curriculum cards in one-on-one student sessions, small group sessions, or with entire classes. Core Curriculum Fun Sheets are also useful for simple assessments or homework assignments.

Super Duper offers many versatile mobile apps and materials to fit your classroom and home study needs. Simply type the word “vocabulary” in the Super Duper website search box to see all of its fun, engaging vocabulary-based products.

Super Duper Publications creates enjoyable, engaging educational materials for children with special needs and communication or language delays. The Super Duper website offers a wide variety of products for teachers, therapy professionals, and parents to use with children in a classroom, therapy setting, and at home.

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