Dig-It! Games, an independent developer of educational, interactive learning games founded by a former archaeologist and middle school teacher, has released Mayan Mysteries, a new one-of-a-kind puzzle-based game that takes kids on an exciting journey through history to learn about the ancient Maya civilization. The game, available online and via mobile devices, seamlessly blends fun and learning as players engage with a dynamic cast of characters and solve puzzles to gather clues hidden across ancient Maya sites.

Designed for children ages 11 and older, Mayan Mysteries turns players into actual archaeologists as they embark upon a thrilling expedition with “Team Q” to catch a secretive thief. Immersed in a long-term gaming experience with more than 300 challenges and questions and approximately 12 hours of play, they visit excavation sites, decode glyphs, identify and carve dates into the Maya calendar, use real archaeological tools such as trowels, picks, sifters and brushes to uncover authentic artifacts, find hidden objects, and use the Maya number system to buy and trade.

“The concept for Mayan Mysteries grew out of my own personal experience as a trained archaeologist and former middle school teacher,” said Suzi Wilczynski, founder and president of Dig-It! Games. “There are not a lot of options for teaching children about the fundamentals and importance of archaeology. Now, both parents and teachers can help kids learn about the ancient Maya with an entertaining, interactive game that can be played again and again.”

Bridging the gap between fun and learning, Mayan Mysteries is an educational tool that combines in-depth study of the fascinating Maya civilization with engaging activities that test reading comprehension, geographical knowledge, spatial reasoning, and science and math proficiencies. Using analytical skills, players interact with and solve puzzles about the Maya calendar, number system, and daily life. An in-game encyclopedia, LEARN, encourages kids to explore topics and retain facts ranging from the Maya governmental system to farming practices and Maya beliefs about time.

“Mayan Mysteries is an authentic and historically accurate representation of the Maya, incorporating detailed factual information about the ancient civilization contributed by world-renowned Maya expert Robert J. Sharer,” said Wilczynski. “It was important to both of us that we create a game that was enjoyable while remaining true to history. I think we did that very well.”

Ideal for interactive learning in the classroom, Mayan Mysteries’ game content aligns to the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics. A powerful Teacher Management System (TMS) enables educators to track students’ progress and performance within the game, and to follow individual and class progress and performance on standards-based assessments targeted for each grade-level. In addition, the TMS reports align the game content with National Council for Social Studies Curriculum Standards in an easy, manageable way at both the class and student level.

Mayan Mysteries is easy to play at school or at home. Produced in association with FableVision Studios, the game is available on Mac, PC and tablet devices with an internet connection, and it is now available as an iPad app with no internet connection required. For pricing and licensing information, visit http://www.dig-itgames.com/store.

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