3. They’re not good communicators.

“That they can’t communicate well. You have to be taught how to write an essay. It’s not intrinsic. Students communicate very well—over text, over eMail, over social networks, much better than we adults can! They’re constantly communicating, just not the same way we’re used to. If you want a long-form essay, teach them without pointing your nose at them. They’re fast learners.” –K. Prichard, Florida

4. Students from poor families can’t succeed.

“Many believe that all students coming from low-income families do not succeed in school. This is terrible misconception. Many parents from low-income families are very supportive of their children, and the children do well academically in school. All students must be given the same opportunity to learn.” —D. Cannon

5. They’re never outdoors.

That they hate going outdoors and just want to type on their devices all day. Not true! I try to take my high school students out for a little bit (and I’m an English teacher), just to sit outdoors while we learn. Students don’t bring their devices, and they don’t mind—it’s just for about 30 minutes or so. In my student evaluations, almost every student says they love the outdoor time-they feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Like they’re out in the world and not in a prison.” –J. Krueger, Tennessee