Burnsville, Minn – Mackin Educational Resources this week announced that it has expanded its internet technology department with several additional new staff members.
Mackin officials say the expansion reflects “the rapidly increasing demand for e-books by students, schools and districts and the alarming rate at which we are adding popular new titles and digital information on a daily basis.”
“The efficiency and ease at which current MackinVIA users are able to access their digital resources has been a primary driver in this additional staffing,” states Randal Heise, president and co-owner of Mackin. “The decision to make this move was easy as the pace at which our customers are adopting the new digital platform continues to increase at exponential rates.”
The success has been attributed not only to keen customer awareness of the shifting book to e-book market, but the profound and forward-thinking that, in anticipation of this digital revolution, Mackin developed and launched their own free digital reader app, presently available for Android devices and the iPad.
Heise added, “This is just another example of how Mackin continues to identify the customer’s needs and expectations and addresses them at the highest level.”

About Mackin Educational Resources
Mackin Educational Resources has provided library and classroom materials to PK-12 schools for close to 30 years. Known for its high commitment to customer care and customization, Mackin provides print books, eBooks, online databases, audiobooks, video resources and more to schools across the country and around the globe. Learn more about Mackin Educational Resources by visiting www.mackin.com or contacting them at 800-245-9540.

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