2013 SkillsUSA demonstration event already adopted by at least 16 states

News Highlights:
• RoboRescue Challenge: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is a 2013 SkillsUSA technology demonstration event that educates students and evaluates their skills in designing robots that locate, neutralize, transport, and dispose of simulated explosive materials.
• Competitions in this demonstration event have been confirmed in at least 16 states, with state champions qualifying to compete in the RoboRescue EOD finals at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, MO, June 24-28, 2013.
• Explosive ordnance disposal career opportunities include robotics, engineering, automation, manufacturing, electronics, and emergency services.

News Release: December 18, 2012 – The 2013 RoboRescue Challenge: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) tasks students with creating a mobile robot like those employed by emergency service personnel (fire, police, military). Students design the robot to secure an area by locating, neutralizing, moving, and disposing of explosive materials. The demand for designers, skilled technicians, and manufacturing workers who are fluent in mechanical and electrical systems and highly skilled in troubleshooting and maintenance of robotic systems is projected to continue to grow. The current generation of students is expected to take artificial intelligence and robotics into the evolving world of emergency services, finding new ways to help trained personnel react more quickly and effectively.

“Robotics skills are in high demand, and the related careers are only going to grow in the coming years. The 2013 RoboRescue Challenge enables students to do it all from robot design to construction to operation of life-saving equipment.” – Pitsco Education President Lisa Paterni

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• TETRIX® Robotics Building System included in Challenge Kit
• TETRIX Builders Guide for classroom curriculum connections
• Remote control and tele-op video system part of Challenge Kit

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• 2013 RoboRescue Challenge: TETRIXrobotics.com/roborescue
• Video: Remotely operated RoboRescue robot in action – http://tinyurl.com/agw3ufj
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• SkillsUSA: www.skillsusa.org
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• Images: High-resolution images available upon request – Publicrelations@pitsco.com

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