Parents Hope to Curb Exodus of Families from Southside Neighborhoods

What: Parents from Southside STAY will request that, following its renovation, the Stewart School become a partial-neighborhood, partial-lottery. Currently, Stewart is 100% lottery.

When: Tuesday, January 8, at 5:30 p.m.

Where: The Columbus Board of Education meeting, Columbus Education Center, 270 E. State Street, Columbus, Ohio

Who: Southside STAY (Standing Together to Advance Youth) is a group of parents, educators, business owners, and community leaders working together to ensure a first-rate education for children and youth on the Southside of Columbus, Ohio. Its mission is to steward excellence in Southside schools through a neighborhood-owned and -driven effort to:
• Attract and retain diverse local students and families
• Engage strong parental involvement
• Partner with educators
• Enhance education to create independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers
• Ensure safe environments

Why: For families living in the Southside neighborhoods of German Village, Schumacher Place, Merion Village, Brewery District and surrounding areas, when it comes to education, the question too often is, “are you moving to the suburbs or sending the kids to private school?” Southside STAY aims to give families the option to stay in our thriving communities by supporting and improving local public schools through parental involvement. While Southside STAY’s first step is to help Stewart School be filled with neighborhood kids, the group’s long-term goal is to help support and improve every school in the South High feeder pattern.

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