Califone headphones and headsets purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2013 now include a two-year warranty

San Fernando, Calif. (Jan. 7, 2013)Califone International, Inc., a leader in design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products for education, today announces headphones and headsets purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2013, will include a two-year warranty.* The company is the first in the education industry to offer a warranty of this duration for child-sized models.

The warranty extension reflects the company’s commitment to the education community and confidence in the durability of its products. Recent technical innovations have expanded the lifespan of Califone gear as well as supporting new ways of learning. Industry firsts including the washable Titanium™ series, Guaranteed for Life™ cords, use of more rugged materials such as ABS plastic for added safety, and the launch of the first headsets for mobile learning are all helping to minimize interruptions to learning time while helping administrators achieve greater return on their investment at a time when cost efficiency is paramount. Using Califone headphones and headsets, teachers can incorporate rich audiovisual resources into their lessons to support academic goals and Common Core State Standards without worry over durability and replacement costs.

While all Califone products come with a high-quality guarantee, backing the headphones and headsets with a two-year warranty adds an extra level of protection to help schools stretch their dollars,” said Tim Ridgway, vice president of marketing for Califone. “Since most headphones and headsets undergo frequent and rigorous use in educational settings, such as classrooms and media centers, schools won’t have to worry about replacements costs if something breaks within the first two years of purchase.

Califone headphones and headsets are designed for use in PreK through higher education environments with added safety and durability features to protect students and maximize return on investment. The company’s audio products are critical tools educators rely on to support literacy and language development, computer-based and mobile learning activities, and differentiated instruction. Califone offers an array of options for stereo and monaural sound, noise reduction, volume control, and device compatibility, as well as a various packages, to meet every need and budget.

Unlike most off-the-shelf consumer brands, all Califone products feature a warranty that specifically covers use in schools. The new two-year warranty is now standard for all headphones and headsets purchased in 2013 and later, except the 3064AV, 3065, CA-2, ER1 and 8200-HP series. For more information on Califone product warranties, visit

*Two-Year Warranty covers all Califone , Inc. headphones and headsets purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2013 except the 3064AV, 3065, CA-2, ER1and 8200-HP series.

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Califone was founded in 1947 and continues to be a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education, presentation and professional markets. The company offers a complete line of audio solutions, wireless systems and multimedia products for small, medium and large presentation needs. Califone serves millions of educators and students in the PreK through higher education school environments, and has expanded to serve business and industry, houses of worship, parks and recreation, and other presentation markets as well. Learn more at

Editor’s Note: The 2013 Califone catalog is now available and reflects the new extended warranty. You can find it online at, or contact us for a print copy.

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