For teachers looking to equip their students with 21st century photo editing skills, award-winning software developer Serif has launched the latest version of its photo editing program, PhotoPlus X6.

The new software enables pupils to use special effects and features to transform photos into extraordinary images, while also learning key technology skills that are useful in the classroom and beyond.

The launch comes shortly after social networking site, Twitter, announced plans to update its mobile app with Instagram-style photo effects, enabling users to apply a filter to their photos before sharing them. In an era where photo editing tools are shaping communication, design and imagery, it is essential that students are prepared for the digital age.

“Young people are becoming more and more familiar with photo manipulation through the likes of Instagram, so it seems logical to incorporate this into their education and provide them with a skill that they will enjoy learning,” says Colin Hussey, Head of Education Sales at Serif. “These days, we rarely – if ever – see an image in the public eye that hasn’t been retouched in one way or another, so just imagine how much more advanced photo editing is going to become.”

“Photography can be applied to any subject, as well as across any career, so lessons in photo editing are an investment and will ensure that pupils leave school prepared for whatever their chosen career throws at them. PhotoPlus X6 lets pupils’ imaginations run wild, inspiring them to produce fantastic work, while arming them with essential technology skills – a win, win situation.”

PhotoPlus X6 provides the right graphics tools for pupils to enhance their work and create inspiring artwork in any subject. From simple retouching and removing red eye to complex manipulation and removing objects from an image, PhotoPlus X6 has an array of features that will teach students the art of photo editing. Plus, the program’s easy-to-use interface and cross-curricular tools mean teachers can quickly integrate it into classroom lessons for K-12 students of all abilities.

PhotoPlus X6 features a number of new and improved tools that will encourage creativity and inspire pupils throughout their projects across the curriculum. They include:

• Smart selection and cut-outs – using the new selection brush, pupils can accurately cut out intricate parts of a photo, enabling them to present their work to a professional standard.
• Non-destructive crop – pupils can now undo, redo or alter a crop at any point, allowing them to experiment with composition halfway through editing.
• Noise reduction for low-light – students can restore grainy images, making them crystal-clear using improved noise reduction, while preserving all the essential details.
• Tilt-shift effects – pupils can transform any photo into a miniature, model-like scene by experimenting with different perspectives using the tilt-shift effect.
• Lighting adjustments – in the re-engineered Raw Studio, pupils can edit Raw images to correct lighting, white balance, exposure and contrast.
• Clarity filter for sharp photos – students can sharpen out of focus shots for clear and professional looking images that can then be edited further.

PhotoPlus X6 is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista and XP. It is available to schools and colleges in US and Canada from just $21 per user, or as part of the Serif Design Suite, with site licenses starting from $999.

For further information on Serif’s Design Suite License pricing please call +44 800 376 6868 or email

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