The Tennessee Educational Technology Association (TETA), in conjunction with the “Tennessee eTales” initiative, provides an opportunity for students and teachers in the K-12 Tennessee education system to share their digital work with other Tennessee technology leaders through the MyVRSpot system. This year, TETA is looking for original digital stories centered around the theme of, “How To……..”.

FTC Family of Companies and their MyVRSpot system have played an integral role in the Tennessee eTales initiative for the past few years. MyVRSpot is an online publishing and social learning network designed specifically for K-12 education. For the third year, MyVRSpot will host the eTales entry page in addition to a site where teachers can easily upload both their personal multimedia entries and student-created submissions. “MyVRSpot has taken Tennessee eTales to the next level in ease of managing our video contest. Being geographically dispersed across the state, MyVRSpot’s cloud-based service levels the playing field and gives easy access for Tennessee eTales contestants,” says Michael Crewse, Technology Systems Administrator for the Lexington City School System.

“We are excited we are able to continue to offer the MyVRSpot system as a platform for the hosting and delivery of the multimedia content included with the Tennessee eTales initiative,” said Michael Kessler, CEO of FTC Family of Companies. “As this is our third year supporting the initiative and hosting of the media entries, we have been privileged to see first hand some of the great projects being produced by the students and teachers in Tennessee. As our system was built around the concept of teachers and students uploading, sharing, and collaborating on digital media, I feel we have somewhat of a responsibility to provide initiatives like Tennessee eTales with a safe place to host those projects,” he adds.

The Tennessee eTales initiative is open to any student or teacher in a K-12 Tennessee school who wants to create and submit an original digital story. Online entries can be submitted at http://www/, and must be submitted by March 1, 2013.

About TETA

The Tennessee Educational Technology Association, an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) affiliate, is a non-profit organization comprised of professionals committed to promoting the use of educational technology in the classrooms and throughout the state. Their membership primarily consists of K-12 educators, but they are very proud of the many corporate partners and higher education members who join them in their mission to transform the teaching and learning process in order to advance student achievement. TETA’s purposes include: to share and exchange ideas, materials, and procedures; to promote the effective use of information, communication, and technology; to encourage the appropriate use of technology for the improvement of educational management; to promote professional standards in the field of educational technology; and to communicate current research relating to educational technology.

Please visit to find out more about the “Tennessee eTales” initiative.

About the FTC Family of Companies

FTC Family of Companies ( has spent the past 18 years developing and publishing educational products and services that help K-12 schools and districts stay ahead of the technology curve. From their leading MyVRSpot ( online hosting service to their newly released Teacher Gaming Network ( and FileBlimp system for cloud-based storage, FTC will continue to lead the way in developing affordable new technologies in support of K-12 education.

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