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As with each generation of students, education changes rapidly. Today’s learning tools are much more than just paper and pen. New dynamic and collaborative technologies are increasingly adopted to support the learning environment and help students thrive. Yet, along with the advantages, teachers and IT administrators face a number of challenges in optimizing the use of technology in the classroom.

Tablets, for example, can pose issues with students’ posture, when hunched over their desks to view the display screen. Or tablet damage can occur when a pencil box is used to prop it up in absence of a suitable stand. And valuable learning time can be compromised when it’s time to retrieve or put away the devices en masse. These ergonomic and logistical issues can negatively impact student engagement and performance.

Effectively connecting people with technology is key to addressing challenges such as these, an exercise that requires time and resources to examine, understand and develop practical solutions that make the best use of technology in the classroom.

Belkin Education is working side by side with schools to identify where the use of technology can be improved. Working closely with teachers and IT administrators, Belkin’s approach is based on ensuring that students have a consistent experience with technology, and benefit from a vibrant learning environment where technology is optimized to deliver the value it was intended.

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